Triplecom Media Pvt Ltd has its business in Films, Television, Advertising, Gaming and Entertainment and on board are stalwarts from the Media, Entertainment and Technology Industries. Award winning film Mr.and Mrs.Iyer has been produced by Triplecom Media

Triplecom Media is launching a new exciting entertainment based Mobile App called iTAP. iTAP is the marriage of gaming and content using micro payments. In order to help build engagement on the mobile screen, iTAP runs trivia games around their content and serves ads and vouchers as a second screen. iTAP is an engagement platform for viewers to watch Films, TV shows, Web series, Music & Dance videos, Comedy skits, Spiritual/Mythological shows and Lifestyle videos. Viewers can play Bollywood Trivia games, Cricket & Kabaddi Quiz games and other interactive games. Viewers can also watch some Premium Content by paying a nominal sum for it.

The biggest differentiator of iTAP is that it gamifies the content. On iTAP viewers can answer simple questions related to the content they are watching, and win points. These points enable the viewers to buy discount vouchers for food, clothes, accessories, etc. and it also subsidizes access to Premium Content. While there's a Subscription Fee for other Apps, iTAP is free to subscribe.